Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Imagination as an Indispensable Faculty

"Hades" Elizabeth McGhee 2009. oil on panel

"The main source of interest (in an artwork) comes from the soul of the artist, and flows into the soul of the beholder in an irresistible way. Not that every interesting work strikes all its beholders with equal force merely because each of them is supposed to posses a soul; only people gifted with feeling and imagination are capable of being moved. These two faculties are equally indispensable to the beholder and the artist, although in different proportions."

Eugene Delacroix, January 25, 1857

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Elizabeth McGhee said...

Not only is the artist communicating with the viewer, the viewer is connecting with the artwork on a personal level as well, in a way by communicating with himself. The viewer is using their own creative imagination to translate or decode the meaning of the artwork. And depending on the viewer's own cultural language, he may not read the painting as the artist intended. But the point of the matter is that the painting still affected the viewer because he was capable of of utilizing his imagination.